We're on a mission to change our world for the better by developing and empowering trusted leaders, organizations, and communities.

Spotlight Trust™

The founders of Trust-Centered™ Leadership

Trust is the single scarcest and most important resource you need to build your organization. More than ever, we need resilient leaders who can not just manage, but also lead in a way that builds trust so they can unleash their people and full business potential.

These leaders must be generous, kind, and incredibly effective in driving progress, delivering results, increasing productivity, and creating change. They must lead in a way that enrolls, develops, and empowers others. This type of leadership founded on trust and is a type of leadership that can be learned, practiced, and integrated into every culture and every industry.

That leadership is Trust-Centered™ Leadership, and the Spotlight Trust™ is here to bring it to your organization through tactical soft skills, practical competencies, and organizational design that empowers you to earn, extend, strengthen, and even restore trust.

Through years of working directly with good (and terrible) leaders, we’ve honed in on a practical, repeatable, and measurable framework of becoming a Trust-Centered™ Leader that is supported by leading research in fields of organizational management, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, sociology, and psychology.

How We Can Help You Thrive

If your organization is struggling with:

  • Multi-stakeholder decision-making, problem-solving, and strategy development
  • Convening and facilitating transformational conversations and effective meetings
  • Earning the trust of your workforce and broader stakeholders, especially as you navigate uncertainty and change
  • Defining and translating your organizational culture into a connected and engaged community – especially online
  • Transforming your values into practical actions and behaviors that foster alignment and accelerate your organizational priorities
  • Creating an inclusive organization that invites a diversity of thinking and builds belonging
  • Training, capacity building, and upskilling to transform SME’s into effective leaders that engage meaningfully with their teams, colleagues, and clients
  • Fostering a respectful and candid feedback culture that improves collaboration and propels continuous improvement
  • Onboarding employees so they can quickly get up to speed and contribute to their fullest capacity with clarity, confidence, and ownership – especially remote
  • Communicating with clarity, effectiveness, and credibility, whether at an organizational or interpersonal level

Then we can help.

However, we’re not for everyone.  If you are:

  • Resistant to experimenting with new ways of doing things
  • Wanting ineffective, single-day engagements that provide a theory dump
  • Looking for shortcuts, hacks, and quick fixes instead of putting forward the guts, grit, and determination needed to tackle complex problems
  • Unwilling to participate in the process

Then we’re not a good fit.  Our frameworks are effective and a great ROI, but they require your participation, time, and energy.  

These frameworks bring a unique blend of practicality with soft skills, fun with rigor, and empathy with creativity.  Our work has been integrated into Seth Godin’s altMBA program, and has been used by founders, executives, and leaders from around the world to work through their impostor syndrome, find confidence in their work, connect with colleagues, and become the leaders they’ve dreamed of becoming.  

About the Spotlight Trust™ Co-founders

Spotlight Trust™ is run and founded by Lisa Lambert of Rule Number Six and Rick Kitagawa of Kaiju Coaching. After coaching thousands of leaders individually as well as through Seth Godin’s altMBA, Freelancer’s Workshop, and Bootstrapper’s Workshop, Lisa and Rick have combined forces to bring a practical framework for developing trust to leaders and the companies and communities that rely on those leaders.
Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder of The Brightspot Trust
Rick Kitagawa (he/him)

Rick Kitagawa (he/him) brings his creative entrepreneurial background, out-of-the-box thinking, and executive coaching experience and mixes it with his experience of teaching and designing curricula at the university level to the Spotlight Trust.  His ability to unlock the leadership potential in people is only matched by his open mind, his flair for the dramatic, and his love of monsters and mythical creatures.

Lisa Lambert, Co-Founder of The Brightspot Trust
Lisa Lambert (she/her)

Lisa Lambert (she/her) brings her experience as a strategic communications executive at one of the world’s leading subatomic physics research labs, as well as her years as an innovation consultant and award-winning facilitator to the Spotlight Trust.  Her ability to transform organizations is only matched by her thoughtfulness, her passion for adventure, and love for her two puppers, Bebop and Rocksteady.