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Through Spotlight Trust’s practical, measurable, and comprehensive approach, we help you develop the organizational and leadership capacity to earn, extend, strengthen, and restore trust so you can reap its transformative benefits.

Let's work together!

From organizational design to leadership development, we work with you as your trusted partner to develop bespoke solutions designed to help you achieve high-impact, lasting results.

Consulting & Advisory

We work with leaders and organizations committed to transformation: those doing the hard work to build institutions, movements, experiences, products, and services that make today better than yesterday.​
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From strategic planning retreats, to corporate meetings, to subject-matter conferences, to community conversations, we design and deliver Trust-Centered™ live in-person and remote experiences that engage, unleash, and include.
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Virtual Training

We provide practical, actionable, and measurable skills-based upskilling and leadership development training designed specifically for virtual.
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Leadership & Team Coaching

We provide coaching to leaders and cross-functional teams to give you an edge to solve problems and reach your most ambitious goals. ​
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We’ve taken the stage in front of thousands. Bring us to your conferences, workshops, or corporate and private learning events. We’ll delight, inform, and entertain whether in-person or remote.​
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How we're different:

By focusing on trust, we get to the root cause of most issues rather than merely treating symptoms, which might appear to fix things in the short term, but do not develop organizational resilience or lead to lasting organizational health.

  • Practical: Our work together isn’t about theory dumps and academic exercises. Rather, we help you develop tactical skills, functional competencies, and pragmatic systems that are centered on trust and truly make a difference.
  • Comprehensive: We leverage our multifaceted experience as leadership coaches, professional facilitators, educators, and consultants and draw from many evidence-based fields to help you build trust in 3D to tackle complex problems.
  • Measurable: We work with you to measure the benefits that your efforts to develop trust bring. This gives you a deep understanding of trust specific to your organization so you can take practical and strategic action in your work to build trust and make work better.

We excel in designing bespoke, participatory solutions that put people first and make sense for your organizational context. We help you enroll your people to try, test, and embrace new patterns of interaction anchored in trust.

You care about your people and your organization and we do too. We’re trusted partners in your success, committing our senior leaders to work alongside you and bring their years of deep and broad experience to help you achieve your goals.

Organizations are complex organisms. Lasting organizational transformation doesn’t come from shortcuts, hacks, and quick fixes. We know that tackling complex problems requires guts, grit, and determination and a willingness to experiment with different ways of doing things.

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