Virtual Training

We’re not just another virtual training provider; Spotlight Trust is your trusted learning and development partner.

Meaningful learning that's personal, practical, and virtual.

Our virtual learning and professional development programs have a 99+% completion rate and receive rave reviews. For comparison, the average completion rate of massive online open courses (MOOCs) is 7.6%, and can be as low as 0.67%.

We draw from our experiences at the forefront of online learning to develop remarkable student experiences that lead to deep learning and the highest levels of student engagement and success. 

Our educational philosophy is that learning happens from doing, rather than watching and focusing on rote memorization or rehashing of material. A major part of our virtual training involves students engaging with the work and making it personally relevant to themselves through peer-to-peer dialogue and interaction, worksheets, and practical and reflective exercises. This engagement is designed to get students internalizing and making-sense of the material so they can apply their learnings to their own context and succeed in reaching their learning goals.