Understanding and Addressing Medical Mistrust

A two-part panel conversation

These conversations took place on November 30 and December 7, 2020.

The recordings are now available on our YouTube Channel and as special episodes of the In Trust podcast.


Do you trust the healthcare system to provide YOU with the highest quality of care when you’re in need?

COVID-19 has been a great illuminator revealing the deep inequities in healthcare access and health outcomes by race, gender, socio-economic status, and place. As COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and public health mitigation strategies are implemented—and in the future, vaccines and effective treatments are rolled out—leaders are and will continue to be grappling with developing equitable distribution and uptake strategies.

Through it all, the medical mistrust experienced by many people of color, particularly among Black and Latino/a/x communities, creates enormous barriers. This medical mistrust is well placed and based in centuries of racism: from medical experimentation and race-based algorithms to present-day policies, actions, and outcomes that are steeped in white supremacy.

The time to remedy the failures of public health, our healthcare system, the research enterprise, and health policy-making is long overdue. Research shows implicit bias impacts providers’ interactions with patients and has negative effects on the health of people of color. Centering the lived experiences of Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x and other people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ people is necessary as we course correct toward building and repairing relationships, fostering trust, and being trustworthy. 

Whether you work in the healthcare system or rely on it, join us for this live, virtual two-part panel conversation where experts will explore medical mistrust past, present, and future. You’ll learn about the origins of medical mistrust, the many ways it persists today, and the multifaceted approaches needed to remedy. You will come away with actions from small to big, individual to institutional that you can take to help shape a practical path forward towards transforming the healthcare system into one that earns and deserves our trust and provides high-quality, culturally literate, empathetic care to all.

Conversation 1: Medical Mistrust from Past to Present

This conversation took place on November 30 , 2020.

The recording is now available on our YouTube Channel and as a special episode of the In Trust podcast.


Discussion co-facilitated by:

Understanding and Addressing Medical Mistrust - Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber, MSW

Founder and Executive Director, PleasePrEPme; Social Entrepreneur; Author

Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder of Spotlight Trust

Rick Kitagawa

Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust

Conversation 2: The Practical Path Forward Towards a Healthcare System that Deserves Our Trust

Monday December 7, 2020 from 12 to 1:30 pm PST

This conversation took place on December 7 , 2020.

The recording is now available on our YouTube Channel and as a special episode of the In Trust podcast.


Discussion co-facilitated by:

Understanding and Addressing Medical Mistrust - Dr. Oni Blackstock

Dr. Oni Blackstock

Physician; Researcher; Founder and Executive Director, Health Justice

Lisa Lambert, Spotlight Trust

Lisa Lambert

Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust


We’re grateful to all participants for eagerly giving of their time, energy, and expertise to make these important conversations happen. All proceeds from the live events went directly towards the panelists or were donated to their organizations.

We’d like to give special thanks to Shannon Weber and Laura Marie Lazar for giving so generously of their time, energy, and care to make these panel conversations possible.

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