Leadership and Team Coaching

We won’t do the work for you or give you the answers, but we’ll ask the compelling questions needed to propel you forward.

Coaching that moves leaders and teams to the next level.

Our leadership and team coaching is a powerful relational process to better understand patterns of interaction with yourself and others so you can more successfully navigate ambiguity, growth, and change. Based on our experience coaching C-suite leaders, middle managers, and emerging leaders, in addition to multidisciplinary, executive, and frontline teams, we’ve refined our Trust-Centered™ approach to coaching to give you an edge to solve complex problems and reach your most ambitious goals. 

As Head Coaches in Seth Godin’s altMBA and the Akimbo Workshops and in our own private practice, we’ve helped thousands of leaders from over seventy countries and six continents in their journeys to take ownership of their personal and professional lives, get clear on goals and boundaries, realize their collective potential, achieve success they previously thought impossible, and become the leaders and generous team players they’ve needed to be. 

We provide 2-to-1, 1-on-1, and team coaching for leaders and cross-functional teams.

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P.S. Our team coaching sessions aren't just about exploring tough questions—they're often also pretty darn fun!

Leadership and Team Coaching with Spotlight Trust