Whether in-person or remote, we captivate audiences with our practical, playful, and personable approach to speaking engagements.

Talks that engage, energize, and catalyze conversations that matter.

Bring us to your conferences, workshops, or corporate and private learning events. We’ve taken the stage in front of thousands as well as provided compelling keynotes to catalyze conversation at intimate gatherings. Whether your crowd is big or small, in-person or remote, we’ll delight, inform, and entertain. If you’re looking for engaging, empowering storytelling for your next conference or event, you’ve come to the right place. We provide dynamic talks on a number of trust-related topics. 

We find the most captivating talks are those tailored to a specific audience. To ensure we bring maximum value to your audience, please be aware that even in remote situations, we usually will decline a speaking engagement that’s within two weeks.  Short notice isn’t fair to us, and it’s not fair to your audience.

Please note that there are two of us: Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa. When you reach out, please let us know if you’re looking to book both of us together for your speaking engagement or just Lisa or Rick. We love to present together and, while we are both experts on trust, we each bring our own experiences and specialized expertise to the conversations. Depending on your audience, it might make sense for just one of us to participate, and if you think that’s the case, just let us know (trust that you won’t hurt our feelings!). 

Get in touch about your speaking engagement now for more information, availability, and rates.

NOTE: If you’d like to have us as guests on your podcast or book us for a media interview, you can find our press info here.