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In Trust is a podcast for curious people who are looking to grow, lead, and make a change in the world – all through leveling up their Trust-Centered skills. Listen and subscribe to In Trust for practical insights to help you earn trust and discover a better way to lead.

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    Why trust?

    Trust is the most valuable asset of our time. The In Trust podcast shares stories and insights to help you develop the mission-critical leadership skills to earn, extend, strengthen, and restore trust.

    Research has shown that more trusted companies are more profitable companies. Now, with more teams going remote and business models breaking down, trust is needed more than ever. Trust is the glue, lubricant, and accelerant to human connection, and human connection is the basis of all business.

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    About the In Trust podcast

    Hosted by Spotlight Trust™ Co-founders Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa, In Trust episodes has two formats. The first is a conversation between the hosts that are a mix of fun stories and thoughtful deep-dives all around a single topic. These topic-centered episodes focus on the various elements and skills that go into building trust. Additionally, they often end with a practical challenge for the audience to build Trust-Centered skills.

    Additionally, In Trust also has interview episodes with leaders from all sorts of different fields. From government to public health to the entertainment industry, the common thread between guests is that they’re all trusted leaders in their communities. In these interviews, we’ll have them tell their stories in their own words, and look into how trust has helped them achieve the change they’ve been seeking to make.


    EP 04: Interview with Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd – The Long and the short of collaboration

    How do you fast-track trust when collaborating?  

    In this episode, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa sit down with Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd, leaders, coaches, creatives, and co-hosts of The Long and the Short of It podcast.  In this episode you’ll learn how the two of them began collaborating, videoconferencing as an equalizer, and advice from Barack Obama.

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    EP 03: Where do you give your attention?

    Attention is really deciding where you focus is. Do you give in to the shiny distractions? If so, what message does that send to others?

    Hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa dive into attention, distraction, and practical ways to make sure that distractions aren’t breaking trust.

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    EP 02: Interview with Ryan Flahive- Building amazing products through trust

    How do you build great, remarkable products that resonate with your customers?  

    In this episode, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa sit down with Ryan Flahive, a dad, entrepreneur, podcaster, learning technology & publishing executive with deep experience in higher education, workforce development, and social impact.  

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    EP 01: Checking in or checking up?

    Are you checking in on people, or are you checking up on people?  

    In the first episode of In Trust, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa of Spotlight Trust dive into the difference between the two, and offer practical ways of connecting with your team.  

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