We design and deliver Trust-Centered™ live in-person and remote experiences that engage, unleash, and include.

Facilitation that propels you on a trusted path forward, together.

Whether it’s three people or three hundred, Spotlight Trust brings award-winning facilitation to every gathering, meeting, event, and interaction using our robust, inclusive, and interactive facilitation toolkit. We design interactive and structured sessions to meet the needs of participants and work with our clients to make accommodations as required to ensure all participants can fully participate.

We can effectively help enroll and lead you and your organization through difficult, high-stakes and transformative conversations, strategic planning retreats, subject-matter conferences, innovation workshops, town halls, community dialogues, customer engagement conversations, and public-facing workshops. 

We also provide facilitation training in our ADEPT facilitation framework to help your team develop the capacity to design and lead transformative conversations in-house and make meetings—an expensive organizational activity—more productive and meaningful.

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