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About Spotlight Trust

Co-founded and co-led by Rick Kitagawa and Lisa Lambert, Spotlight Trust is an organizational design and leadership development partner that helps organizations harness the power of trust to become more human, creative, adaptive, and effective.

Our approach is rooted in our practical frameworks for earning, strengthening, and even restoring trust, which make up the foundation for what we call Trust-Centered Leadership™. 

Our frameworks enable relevant, dynamic, inclusive, and continuous learning and development that supports organizations, leaders, and teams to anticipate, prepare, and adapt to the only internal and external constant: change.  

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Bios of Spotlight Trust Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

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Lisa Lambert (she/her), Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Lisa Lambert is a consultant, executive coach, and award-winning facilitator with a passion for innovation. She’s worked with executives, organizations, multidisciplinary teams, and leaders who are tackling complex problems and driving transformational endeavors on all seven continents. Lisa enjoys transforming chaos into order (with plenty of room for improv) and has shaped strategy and organizational design for world-leading projects that have raised over $500 million in public and private investment.

Lisa also serves as a Head Coach for the altMBA and Akimbo workshops, co-hosts the In Trust podcast, mentors young entrepreneurs through YELL Canada, and writes daily about leadership, innovation, and culture.

You can often find Lisa running the North Shore trails with her two dogs, discovering a new winding road on two wheels, or dreaming about her next scuba diving adventure.

Physical location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Pacific Time)

Facts about Lisa:

  • Lisa loves to scuba dive, but she is creeped out by octopi.
  • You’ll often find Lisa cruising around on two wheels: motorcycles and bicycles.

Rick Kitagawa (he/him), Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Rick Kitagawa is a consultant, executive coach, and facilitator that has worked with executives, founders, creatives, and leaders from around the globe and Fortune 50 companies. Past clients include leaders at Apple, Google, Starbucks, Warby Parker, Citigroup, and Gap, Inc.  

Rick also spends his time as a Head Coach for the altMBA and Akimbo workshops, creating spaces of belonging for youth at Codebreakers, producing the Inner Monster Podcast, and co-hosting the In Trust podcast.

Rick is also an award-winning visual artist and writer and is one of the best Skee-Ball rollers in the world (seriously). He also really, really likes monsters and ships a daily blog about changemaking, leadership, and creativity.

Physical location: Pasadena, California, USA (Pacific Time)

Facts about Rick:

  • Rick is a top-16, nationally ranked skee-ball player.
  • Rick loves the horror genre but hates needles and getting blood drawn.

Sample questions for Rick + Lisa

  1. Why should trust matter to leaders and organizations? What are the benefits of trust?
  2. What is trust anyway?
  3. How can I get better at earning, extending, strengthening, and even restoring trust?
  4. Everything is going great! Why should we invest in trust?
  5. You two live in two different countries, have only met in person once and spoke for just a few minutes. How did you build Spotlight Trust together?

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Photos of Lisa

Lisa Lambert, Spotlight Trust
About Spotlight Trust - photo of Lisa Lambert, Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust

Photos of Rick

Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder of Spotlight Trust
About Spotlight Trust - photo of Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust