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About Spotlight Trust™

Work is about relationships, and relationships come down to trust. Spotlight Trust™ is an organizational design and leadership development partner that helps companies make work better with practical, measurable, and comprehensive approaches that put an emphasis on trust.  Spotlight Trust™ helps leaders and organizations develop tactical soft skills, practical competencies, and organizational systems to earn, strengthen, extend, and restore trust – the most valuable asset of our time. 


Bios of Spotlight Trust™ Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

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Lisa Lambert (she/her), Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Having spent her career on the frontiers of innovation working on world-leading endeavors in basic and applied research, technology commercialization, policy development, online learning, and marketing communications, Lisa’s toolbox runs deep when it comes to leading and facilitating transformational change, bending culture, assembling and activating multidisciplinary teams, and tackling complex problems collectively.

Lisa draws from her experience as an executive, strategist, communicator, facilitator, and leadership coach to help leaders and organizations make trust and collaboration their competitive advantage.

Lisa’s shaped strategic projects that have secured over $500 million in public and private investment; built enduring networks that touch every level, from individuals to local communities, to national organizations, to global media partnerships; catalyzed and expanded world-class innovation hubs; and transformed learning for people around the world. Her work has been integrated into Seth Godin’s flagship altMBA, embraced by leaders and organizations globally, and garnered numerous awards.

Lisa ships a daily blog and co-hosts a weekly podcast called In Trust.

Physical location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Pacific Time)

Facts about Lisa:

  • Lisa loves to scuba dive, but she is creeped out by octopi.
  • You’ll often find Lisa cruising around on two wheels: motorcycles and bicycles.

Rick Kitagawa (he/him), Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Rick Kitagawa (he/him) brings his creative entrepreneurial background, out-of-the-box thinking, and executive Fortune 50 executive coaching experience and mixes it with his teaching career and curriculum design to Spotlight Trust.

He blends his creativity as an award-winning artist and writer with his science degree from UC Berkeley to translate research into fun, accessible, practical ways to build trust. Additionally his experience in community organizing, event planning, and working with marginalized communities lends itself to a people-first lens that leads to impactful, empathetic work that reaches people where they are.

Rick has also helped leaders build trust in themselves from around the world, and his curriculum design has been used at institutions such as the Academy of Art University and the Akimbo Workshops.

Rick writes daily on his blog about changemaking, leadership, and creativity, and also is the host of The Inner Monster Podcast and also co-hosts In Trust

Physical location: Pasadena, California, USA (Pacific Time)

Facts about Rick:

  • Rick is a top-16, nationally ranked skee-ball player.
  • Rick loves the horror genre but hates needles and getting blood drawn.

Sample questions for Rick + Lisa

  1. Why does trust matter to organizations? What are the benefits of trust?
  2. What is Trust-Centered™ Leadership and why should leaders and organizations care about it?
  3. How can I get better at earning, extending, strengthening, and even restoring trust?
  4. Everything is going great! Why should we invest in trust?
  5. You two have only met in person once and spoke for a few minutes. How did you build Spotlight Trust™ together?

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Photos of Lisa

Lisa Lambert, Spotlight Trust
About Spotlight Trust - photo of Lisa Lambert, Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust

Photos of Rick

Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder of Spotlight Trust
About Spotlight Trust - photo of Rick Kitagawa, Co-Founder, Spotlight Trust