The Future Is Trust: Embracing the Era of Trust-Centered Leadership


The Future Is Trust

Embracing the Era of Trust-Centered Leadership

“Trust is the bottom line. Thanks to global leadership consultants Rick and Lisa, you now have the thinking and tools to build trust in yourself, within your team, and for your brand. You can’t afford to miss this book.”

— Louise Karch, Bestselling Author of Word Glue

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    About the Book

    Work isn’t transactional; it’s relational. And relationships all come down to trust.

    As we find ourselves at the precipice of global change looking to the future, never before has trust been so important in moving our world forward and creating the conditions for meaningful and sustainable change to happen. 

    When trust is strong, anything is possible. However, ignore building trust and, when you need it most, you’ll have the least amount of it.

    Trust is not a switch you can turn on at a moment’s notice, but it is an asset you can invest in over time and you can never have too much of it. While it takes effort and practice, everyone can develop the practical leadership skills, habits, and mindset needed to earn, strengthen, extend, and even restore trust. 

    Drawing from their experience and best practices working with thousands of leaders across six continents as organizational design consultants, leadership coaches, and facilitators, Rick Kitagawa and Lisa Lambert have reimagined what a leadership book can be with The Future Is Trust: Embracing the Era of Trust-Centered Leadership. The co-authors share their practical, inclusive, and actionable framework to help you build trust with yourself, with others, and at scale so that you can create and co-create the conditions for enduring change, bend culture, and shape the future of organizations and communities. 

    The Future Is Trust is not just an approachable book you’ll be keen to get through so you can live your learnings: it’s a book you’ll want to let get through to you so you can become the Trust-Centered leader we need to architect a brighter tomorrow.

    By the end of The Future Is Trust, you will have a rich understanding of why trust is the defining issue of our time, the many ways trust shapes our personal and professional lives, and a practical and personalizable approach you can leverage to build—and even restore—the most valuable leadership asset.

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      Praise for The Future Is Trust

      “The book that will convince anyone that trust is the highest value leadership asset.” — Eduardo Gomez Ruiz, UX Research Lead at Miro and Associate Professor at IE Business School

      “This is a thoroughly motivating overview of the power of trust to shape our relationships and organizations. This is a perfect book for anyone who wants to understand trust better, develop trust-centered skills, heal from trust issues, and get better at developing trust in their personal and professional relationships.” — Kat Vellos, speaker and author of We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendships

      “A must read for every leader to understand the what, why and how of trust. Rick and Lisa will show you how to turn trust into a competitive advantage. Highly recommended.” — Eric Moeller, Director of Product Marketing with Sage and author of Levelling Up: The Complete Guide to Starting a Mastermind Group

      “Trust is an underappreciated and undervalued asset. It can be mined to depletion like a finite resource, or cultivated like a renewable one that grows as it fuels human endeavor. Lisa and Rick get this, and crafted an approach to earning and employing trust that leaders can leverage to make a meaningful and sustainable impact. If you seek to make meaningful change happen, trust is the way, and this book will help.” — Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose and Bestselling Author of Onward

      “Trust is not static. We are always moving either toward or away from trust. Rick and Lisa generously share their expertise in digestible insights on how to make becoming and staying trusted a daily practice.” — Shannon Weber, MSW, Author of Show Up Hard: A Road Map For Helpers In Crisis

      The Future Is Trust is a simple, trustworthy and actionable framework and guide for anyone who wants to become more trusting and more trustworthy. Read it. Do it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.” — Rebecca Kirstein Resch, CEO of Inqli

      “If Austin Kleon and Seth Godin’s books had a baby it would be The Future is Trust. A digestible and thought-provoking book that packs a punch. If you’re a leader looking to understand, practice, and cultivate trust in your team or organization this is the book for you.” — Peter Shepherd, Director and Founder at Human Periscope and Co-host of The Long and the Short of It podcast

      “The Future Is Trust by Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa is deceptively short, because it delivers a powerful message about the core of human relationships.  The authors waste no time or space in getting to the core of why Trust is so essential in our workplace and society today, and more importantly, how to earn it.  We are social creatures by nature, incapable of living without meaningful interactions with one another, and at the core of the effectiveness of those interactions, small or monumental, is Trust.  Take the hour to read this book and consider your own relationship with trust, it is well worth your time.” — Stacy Slattery Richards, JD, Owner and CEO at OysterReef Coaching

      “Trust is everything, yet we often take it for granted – that is until we need it most. Not only do Rick and Lisa present a compelling human and business case for leaders to invest in building trust, they also provide a practical and transformative approach to doing so.” — Oni Blackstock, MD, MHS, Founder and Executive Director of Health Justice

      “In legacy organizations, the coin of the realm is power. In collaborative networks, the coin of the realm is trust. If you find yourself in a legacy organization desperately moving toward agile, adaptive, network-like structures, Rick and Lisa can show you why trust matters, and how to gain a capacity for building it.” — Steve Frost, Executive Director/Cartographer of the Future, The Tasai Collective

      “Having been in situations where trust was lacking, I can say that trust truly is a critical resource on which everything, literally everything, is based. Trust seems really ephemeral and intangible, but Rick and Lisa not only show us how real it is, but also provide a practical way forward towards building and repairing it. If you learn to build trust, you can learn to build anything.” — Graham Ballachey, Vice President of Engineering, American Lithium Corp. 

      “Trust is a defining issue of our time and a way forward toward a more productive world. Lisa and Rick present a pragmatic and actionable framework for earning, extending, strengthening, and restoring trust in individuals, teams, and organizations. The Future Is Trust reminds us that people are the foundation of companies, organizations, and communities.” — Diena Lee Mann, VP Product, SoundCommerce

      “We know that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, both personally and professionally. But how do we build trust as individuals, teams, and organizations? This practical and actionable book is your roadmap for how to earn, extend, strengthen, and even restore trust. While you’d wish you had read it sooner, you’ll be able to put its lessons into action immediately.” — Brent Lamphier, Founder, EQmethod

      “Now more than ever trust is needed in every organization, relationship and interaction. We have seen what happens without it and it doesn’t end well. Lisa and Rick do an incredible job breaking trust down and providing you with the understanding and tools required to level up. This is now required reading for our whole team.” —Jenna Watson-Brawn, VP of Sales,

      “Using a combination of data, real world insights and actionable frameworks, Lisa and Rick have created a go-to reference for leaders who know the value of trust. Trust gets results. In both our professional and personal lives. This book is a quick start guide, and must read, for any new leader. And a great refresher for seasoned leaders.” — Tia Newcomer, Board Member and Life Science Executive

      “In today’s challenging world, there’s nothing more valuable than trust. The Future is Trust gets to the core of this reality, laying out tangible actions we can all take to grow and cultivate this invaluable asset.” — Sean Lee, Head of External Relations, TRIUMF

      The Future is Trust is like a looking glass to this precious virtue. Perfect for those seeking to find the treasure of trust and willing to be present to find it. Heart by heart, step by step, community by community—a kind and just world is possible.” — KellyAnn Romanych, Deputy Executive Director, Veterans Legal Institute

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