Frequently Asked Questions

The Trusted Leader Lab is a module-based program, with modules starting every couple months. Sign up to our Great List today to get notifications every time we’re about to open registration again. 

The Trusted Leader Lab is comprised of three core modules: (1) The Trusted Leader , (2) The Trusted Partner, and (3) The Trusted Visionary. Each module is five weeks long,  providing you with a progressive way of learning practical skills that focus on different aspects of trust-centered leadership, from leading yourself, to leading another, to leading at scale. The practical content for each week varies. The Trusted Leader Lab is about apply that content in your day-to-day, and you’ll find yourself engaging with the content again and again in your daily life at work.

No problem!  That doesn’t mean you’re not a leader. The Trusted Leader Lab is designed to provide you with a flexible framework that can be used in leadership even if you don’t have a formal title.  Now is a great time to start building those skills so when you do step into a formal leadership or management role, you’ll be prepared to get to work and lead your team to success.

The Trusted Leader Lab is built on the premise that we all learn best by doing – that giving you the content is the bare minimum.  Here, we go far beyond that, and you’ll not only be working with an accountability team, but you’ll be engaging with a process that will catalyze and develop the leadership habits you’ll need to continually grow as a leader for the rest of your life.  

The Trusted Leader Lab is a space to engage with practical, repeatable exercises that allow you to apply your learnings and practice the skills needed to be a Trust-Centered Leader.  A key component of our curriculum is also the practical application. It’s not enough to just work on your leadership in the theoretical context of a classroom: you need to go out and engage with the people you seek to lead.  We have found this the fastest and most effective way for you to develop these critical skills and we’re here to support you in that endeavor.

The Trusted Leader Lab is geared towards emerging, mid-level, and senior leaders. Our framework is designed in a way that you can apply the lessons as the leader you are today to develop into the leader you seek to become. Leadership is a skill, just like writing code or cooking, and the best way to learn and develop your leadership skills is to commit to a consistent practice in a supportive setting – which is exactly what you’ll do in the Trusted Leader Lab

The base cost of each module of the Trusted Leader Lab is currently $1,897 which is 3.5% of the median manager’s annual salary in the United States.  And that doesn’t cover the time that you’ll be spending in the program as well.  

We know this is an investment, but when you’ve got skin in the game, and the stakes are raised, it’s likely that you and everyone else in the program will be committed to doing the work needed to level up and grow.  We’re not promising easy answers, just ones that work.

Remember that many employers will also reimburse professional development fees!  Talk to your supervisor or HR rep about this possibility.

There are no other costs, as long as you have access to a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, a webcam, an internet connection capable of streaming audio/video, and Zoom, a free, online video-conferencing app that you can run on your digital device.  

Most definitely!  We also have this slide deck to share with person responsible for training and personal development if you’d like us to come in and run an entire program just with your organization.

If you and two other leaders would like to sign up together, we’re happy to offer you a fourth seat free.  Just email us at so we know you’re all joining together and we’ll send you a special link for registration.

We’re so confident in our framework that if you have gone through an entire module, shipped all of your projects, and you still feel like the Trusted Leader Lab wasn’t effective, email us at and we’ll happily refund 100% of your registration.

We’ve designed the Trusted Leader Lab with you in mind.  We’ve run much more intensive workshops for full-time executives with families, and have seen a 97% completion rate.  So in comparison, while this is definitely a time commitment, we believe that you will find the time to make this work. 

No.  Having you regurgitate the same material we give you helps no one.  The most effective way of learning is by doing, so while there are no tests, you will have to do the work to see the change that you’re seeking.

The honest truth?  So are we.  But we’ve made the commitment as professionals to show up and help you show up as well. 

That tension you’re feeling? The fear? Those are all signs that you’re on the right place for growth. 

Great!  We’re glad you’re confident in your leadership ability.  

However, leadership is a journey, not a destination. It’s a skill that you can continue to hone over a lifetime.  If there’s any doubt that you can still grow and learn, we encourage you to sign up for the Trusted Leader Lab. Our Trust-Centered Leadership frameworks apply to emerging leaders as well as seasoned professionals leading at scale.  We’re also so confident that the Trusted Leader Lab is worth it, we’re pleased to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

You’re right, there’s no one-size-fits-all leadership, and I’m sure you and your team are unique, diverse individuals.  Part of being a good leader is knowing how to adapt and pivot, and our coursework is based on that philosophy. 

The Trusted Leader Lab is built on flexible frameworks and strategies, not specific scripts, answer keys, or prescribed solutions, so all of our material is flexible enough to hold up in many different situations leaders might find themselves in.    

We’ve found that especially for the first module, students report immediate boosts in confidence and the way that they show up at work. That said, leaders are all imperfect human beings, and you’ll find that these are all processes that take continual practice and refinement to see maximum benefit. 

Naturally, it’s fine for you to share what you learn (e.g., breakthroughs, insights, concepts) with your team. If you want them to view the videos, see the projects and worksheets, or take a look at the discussion threads in Slack, we would request that they sign up and fully participate in the Trusted Leader Lab. 

We’re all professionals here, and it’s very unprofessional to share other people’s work with the world at large without their permission.  We trust that you’ll do the right thing.  

For our students’ convenience, we have made it easy to download the videos because quite a few people are on slow / expensive internet connections that make streaming prohibitive.  We also are happy to grant you lifetime access to the material as we understand leadership is a skill you continue to grow over your entire life.        

We recognize that this decision leaves us vulnerable to piracy and theft, but that’s a risk that we are willing to take to make the work more accessible. Again, we trust that you will do the right thing.

We’ll be delighted to offer you a digital certificate of completion when you successfully complete each module of the Trusted Leader Lab, or mail one to you directly if you’d like. When you’ve completed all three Trusted Leader Lab modules, you’ll also be eligible for certification as a Trust-Cenetered Leader.

Even better than credentials though, we encourage you to find a cohort in the Lab who will personally vouch for your contributions.

While we deeply value any and all recommendations of our programs and are incredibly grateful, we have decided to stay away from affiliate programs as it tends to incentivize the wrong type of behavior. 

No worries, dear friend.  Please email us at: and Lisa or Rick will respond to you as soon as possible.