Superclasses: Because change requires skills and practice

Learn actionable, practical skills for becoming a Trust-Centered Leader with our Superclasses – premium, live, online trainings that dive deep into a cluster of specific real skills to help you make change happen. 

Master Meaningful Meetings Superclass by Spotlight Trust

Master Meaningful Meetings: Design and Facilitate (Remote) Meetings that Matter

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Meetings are a central part of work life, so let’s make them awesome! Learn tried-and-tested Trust-Centered™ skills and frameworks to make meetings high-value occasions your participants look forward to and one of the best parts of their day. While this Superclass focuses on virtual gatherings, much of what you will learn can be applied to level-up in-person meetings too.
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Business Not As Usual - Sales Strategy Superclass by The Brightspot Trust

Business Not as Usual: Retool Your Sales Strategy for Success in Trying Times

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are needing to do things radically differently in order to subsist, let alone thrive, especially when it comes to selling. This Superclass will help you develop the practical, Trust-Centered™ skills to quickly retool your sales strategy for relevance in these unprecedented times so you can successfully sell and serve your customers remotely. Bring a colleague to this action-oriented Superclass so you can walk away with a plan and action items for your specific business. Featuring experienced sales leader Stacy Richards.
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Trust me, I'm not in charge

Trust Me, I'm Not In Charge: Make Change Happen When You're Not in the Driver's Seat

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How do we make change happen when those above us aren’t on our side or might even be trying to squash it? It’s difficult, but it is possible, and there is a blueprint. Learn practical, Trust-Centered™ skills to navigate the extra-tricky waters of leading from any seat.
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Hire Me, I'm Trusted by The Brightspot Trust

Hire Me, I'm Trusted: Learn the Trust-Centered™ Skills to Give Yourself an Edge in Your Job Search

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Most hiring processes have rapidly transformed as many organizations have gone completely remote. Learn crucial Trust-Centered™ skills to help you better navigate the new hiring landscape so you can build trust with prospective employers before and during the hiring process. This interactive Superclass is less about how to find a job, and more about how to earn the trust necessary to land one.
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What is a Superclass?

It’s not your ordinary webinar, video training course, or online lecture.  It’s a new way of experiencing online education.

A Superclass is more than a masterclass.  It’s taught and facilitated live and online by experts in their field, and includes audience participation, partnered and small group activities, and a safe space to practice the new skills you’ll learn.

There are no video replays for you to bookmark and forget about.  There are no online videos to passively watch.

A Superclass is different from what you’re used to seeing.  It’s scarier than just listening to a lecture or working through a worksheet in private as it requires you to show up, be present, and engage. That’s why it works.

Superclasses aren’t about education – they’re about learning. We all know the best way to learn something is to practice it, and that’s what these online Superclasses do – they combine the training, the safe space to practice, and the live, immediate feedback so you can level up and make lasting change. 

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