Superclasses: Because change requires skills and practice

Learn actionable, practical skills for becoming a Trust-Centered Leader with our Superclasses – premium, live, online trainings that dive deep into a cluster of specific real skills to help you make change happen. 

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What is a Superclass?

It’s not your ordinary webinar, video training course, or online lecture.  It’s a new way of experiencing online education.

A Superclass is more than a masterclass.  It’s taught and facilitated live and online by experts in their field, and includes audience participation, partnered and small group activities, and a safe space to practice the new skills you’ll learn.

There are no video replays for you to bookmark and forget about.  There are no online videos to passively watch.

A Superclass is different from what you’re used to seeing.  It’s scarier than just listening to a lecture or working through a worksheet in private as it requires you to show up, be present, and engage. That’s why it works.

Superclasses aren’t about education – they’re about learning. We all know the best way to learn something is to practice it, and that’s what these online Superclasses do – they combine the training, the safe space to practice, and the live, immediate feedback so you can level up and make lasting change. 

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