Who Do You Trust?

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If we want to get better at earning, building, and restoring trust, an insightful exercise is to consider who YOU trust.  


Think about online shopping.  This is actually a fairly high-trust transaction.  You’re basically telling some stranger on the internet,” Hi, I’d like to buy something you’ve shown me a picture of.  Here’s my credit card information, my phone number, my email, and where I live.  Please only take the amount of money I’m asking you to, and please actually send me what you said you were selling.”  


Think about the last thing you bought online.  What did that vendor do to earn your trust? 


Maybe you’ve bought from them in the past.  Maybe they have good online reviews..from other strangers you’ve never met.  Perhaps your friend recommended them to you.  Maybe their website just looks like it’s trusted.  


What is it about a leader you respect that makes you trust them? A potential new hire? A cardiac surgeon? A babysitter? A mechanic?


I’m not having you consider this to suddenly throw all of your transactions and relationships under suspicion – I’d like you to consider what exactly builds trust with you, because chances are, those same things build trust with others.  


So what might you learn from those you trust as how to earn the trust of those that you seek to serve?  

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