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F#%kin’ meetings! That’s a common reaction to these special occasions. We often here meetings described as:

  • Unproductive and boring

  • Soul-sucking wastes of time

  • An exercise in being talked at or talked over

  • A place where ideas and projects go to die

  • An occasion that requires another meeting for real conversation – you know, the meeting after the meeting

And those are the nicer descriptions. Unfortunately, none of these describe high-trust events that help propel organizations forward.

Yet, meetings make up a large part of what we call work. According to a 1998 MCI Conferencing white paper, on average 11 million meetings are held in the United States each year. That adds up to 55 million meetings a week and 220 million meetings a month. By the end of the year, the meeting total is well over a billion! And as organizations have changed over the years and tend to become flatter and less hierarchical, meeting activity is on the rise.

As more and more teams and organizations embrace remote work culture – whether by choice or by necessity – remote facilitation skills are becoming ever more crucial and a must-have leadership asset.

 Let’s stop the meeting madness as we go remote!

Meetings don’t have to suck, especially remote ones. We’ve experienced and facilitated awesome ones firsthand, and you can too!

To facilitate great remote meetings and workshops, you need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. As professional facilitators and online workshop coaches, we’ve honed our remote meeting skills, processes, and tactics working with thousands of leaders and organizations across 6 continents.

Remote Meetings FTW! Join us for a premium 2-hour online masterclass

We’re excited to share our best practices and tried-and-tested trust-centered methods with you on Thursday March 26 at 12 pm PT in our new, premium 2-hour online masterclass, Remote Meetings FTW!


Remote Meetings FTW! is an opportunity for you to develop practical and trust-centered facilitation skills so you can lead high-value remote meetings and workshops that enable connection, communication, collaboration, and co-creation. By participating in this online session, your in-person meeting and workshop facilitation game will improve too!


Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator or looking to facilitate your first remote meeting with your team, you’ll walk away with practical, trust-centered skills and tactics you can put to the test immediately like:

  • Ways to convene so participants are eager to arrive on time and engage AND ways to close so that you are guaranteed to end your session on an up

  • The “Penn & Teller Method” to ensure you can be fully present AND make the most of the technology while minimizing potential glitches

  • How to create a digital space where people feel like they belong, regardless of their experience level with the technology

  • The “Avengers Approach” to including and unleashing all participants – introverts and extraverts alike

  • And much more!

 Become a remote meeting facilitation master

Don’t waste another day trying to force your way through painful meetings and workshops – especially remote ones. The Remote Meetings FTW! masterclass will give you the practical, trust-centered skills to facilitate remote meeting magic…and your in-person meeting game will be leveled up too!


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