In Trust podcast EP 07: Interview with Yunzhe Zhou – Reinventing Yourself by Building Self-Trust

How do you go about building self-trust, especially if you’re looking to try something completely new or even to switch careers?
In this episode, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa speak with Yunzhe Zhou, a creative and business coach who helps Asian Americans become the CEO of their lives.  Anyone who is looking to make a shift in their life and build self trust can really gain a lot from Yunzhe’s wisdom, and we talk about her unique take on side projects as well as turning failures into success and the three practical steps anyone looking to switch careers should be taking.

Overview of Episode 07: Interview with Yunzhe Zhou - Reinventing Yourself by Building Self-Trust

Talking Points

  • How Yunzhe transitioned from leading an introverted life to leading a bold life.
  • How Yunzhe reinvented herself through a Personal MBA.
  • Taking results out of the picture to focus on learning about yourself.
  • How Yunzhe’s business grew by narrowing down who she serves.
  • Building up trust in yourself step by step.
  • Trusting in the universe and reframing challenges.
  • The three practical things to keep in mind if you’re planning a career move.
  • A powerful reframe for everyone feeling shame about past mistakes and missteps.


“You can have a creative career, and you can be successful at it, and you can make a living from it.” —Yunzhe Zhao

“We are capable of so many things, even if we don’t have the experience or the credentials” —Yunzhe Zhou

“Growing up I was always looking outside for validation, for feedback, whether I was doing something right or not…so I didn’t really learn to start thinking for myself until I started experimenting with side projects.” —Yunzhe Zhou

“Challenges happen for me, instead of to me, and I can grow in that way.” —Yunzhe Zhou

“When I gave myself a month to do something and set a small goal and followed through with it, that was one of those…aha moments.” —Yunzhe Zhou

“The more you go outside your comfort zone the bigger leaps you can take, and from the outside it looks like you’re taking a really big leap but it’s really just you building up on that step by step.” —Yunzhe Zhou

“This creative journey doesn’t have to be alone. You don’t have to be the artist who is always in the dark, working by yourself – it doesn’t have to be that way. You can totally change the narrative about that.” —Yunzhe Zhou

“The past is perfection, and you can’t go wrong.” —Yunzhe Zhou

Show Notes:

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