In Trust podcast EP 06: Face It ‘Til You Make It

We’ve all heard of faking it until we make it, but in this episode we offer a new take: face it ’til you make it.

Hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa dive into impostor syndrome and self-doubt, how facing your fears is always the fastest route to success, and offer some practical challenges to building up self-trust.  

Overview of EP 06: Face It 'Til You Make It

Talking Points

  • Working with your impostor syndrome instead of fighting against it
  • The quickest (yet hardest) way to build trust in oneself
  • An extended mountaineering metaphor to explain how to get over impostor syndrome
  • Leaning on others to build up self trust
  • Two challenges to build self trust


“When you do the hard work of facing your fears…that’s the practice of cultivating courage and confidence, and with that you’re developing an underlying trust with yourself.” – Lisa Lambert

“Choosing to face your fears is probably way more scary, but it’s a much quicker route to get to that true confidence.” – Rick Kitagawa

“We’ve seen the magnitude of change people are able to make in their own lives once they do the hard part of recognizing their own strengths and acknowledging how their constraints are often things they can leverage to really grow and thrive.” – Lisa Lambert

“There are times when I might not have believed in myself, but other people did and that made a big difference.” – Rick Kitagawa

“As leaders, one of the most powerful ways we can empower others is by trusting in them.” – Lisa Lambert


Show Notes

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