In Trust podcast EP 08.5 – Broken Expectations

We’ve got a special Halloween episode of In Trust… it’s a little bit of trick, but mostly treat.

Broken expectations can cause all sorts of problems, whether you are a freestyle rapper, or a leader seeking to make change.  In this host-led bonus episode, let Rick’s story about ‘House Mouse’ segue into what it means to break expectations, and how difficult it can be to build up trust when those expectations are broken. 

Overview of Episode 08.5: Broken Expectations

Talking Points

  • Rick’s story about “House Mouse”
  • How expectations play into the story of what we tell ourselves
  • The framework of “Does it rhyme?”
  • A practical challenge to bring clarity to your life 


“Clarity helps calibrate the expectations of the person interacting with your art.” – Rick Kitagawa

“Broken expectations – whether these expectations were explicit or implicit – are one of the biggest violations of trust.” – Rick Kitagawa

“Does this current experience, situation, or interaction rhyme with the social norms I’m versed in? With my past experiences?” – Lisa Lambert

‘“House mouse” is now a term we can all use when someone is breaking social norms and expectations without being clear about what they’re doing and why they’re doing so. Otherwise, it can come across like you’re just being a menace and house mousing erodes trust.” – Lisa Lambert   

Show Notes:

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