In Trust podcast EP 10: Interview with Kat Vellos on Creating a More Meaningfully Connected World

Why can it be so difficult to make new friends as an adult?  How do we build connection with friends (old and new) in a time of social distancing?

In this episode of In Trust, we’re excited to bring you the fabulous work of Kat Vellos, a seasoned UX designer, connection coach, facilitator, community creator, illustrator, and speaker, and the author of We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendships and Connected From Afar: A Guide for Staying Close When You’re Far Away. 

This conversation dives deep into building connection, so listen, learn, and enjoy!

Overview of Episode 10: Creating a More Meaningfully Connected World with Kat Vellos

Talking Points

  • The loneliness epidemic in the US, and Kat’s experience moving to the Bay Area
  • Why friendship is equally as important as romantic relationships
  • The four challenges to making friends as adults
  • Trusting in yourself, especially when you find out “it’s been done before”
  • Building connection and friendship through collaboration rather than competition
  • Connecting with the communities that you are a part of, especially by taking the first step yourself
  •  Kat’s Connection Club, and various resources to help you build connection


“It’s just as important for people to have strong healthy friendships that are a source of love as well as a source of connection, joy, support, help, and so many things we rely on in life that we can’t just rely on one partner to meet all of those needs.”  —Kat Vellos

“When trust is broken…sometimes people carry that for months if not years and then feel less open to making and trusting a new friend.” —Kat Vellos

“Trust is so key and it’s a really really big part of being successful at making and maintaining friends.” —Kat Vellos

“We show our trust in the way that we show up for each other, the way that we communicate together, the way that we work together to maintain a friendship. Every opportunity we have to do that and show up and do that builds trust and it’s like putting money in the bank – it’s like a savings account of trust.” —Kat Vellos

“There are 2,000 Abraham Lincoln biographies in the world, so of course it’s okay to have more than one kind of book on a certain topic.” —Kat Vellos

“If you don’t feel connection to the community you live in, what are ways that you can build trusting relationships with the other people who you share that space with?” —Kat Vellos

“It’s actually through having the courage to get involved that you can create a greater sense of belonging.” —Kat Vellos

“By sharing your appreciation with somebody when you miss them, it can go so much further than saying ‘Why haven’t you called me?’ which is only going to put someone on the defense.“ —Kat Vellos


Show Notes:

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