In Trust podcast EP 15: Interview with Mike Lyndon on Leadership, Collaboration, and Trusting Yourself

How do you build trust in yourself in hyper-competitive industries that rely on subjective assessments?  How can you build collaboration in this same environment? How do you trust yourself to succeed?
In this episode, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa speak with animation supervisor Mike Lyndon. He’s also a problem-solver, storyteller, artist, Visual FX superstar, and reimagineer of education. Mike offers a ton of mic-drop moments in this interview.  
While this is a must-listen to any creative looking to make a living off their craft, Mike’s advice applies to pretty much anyone seeking to make a difference.

Overview of Episode 15: Leadership, Collaboration, and Trusting Yourself with Mike Lyndon

Talking Points

  • Mike’s background in both visual effects (VFX) as well as education
  • The landscape of online education and how might it be different
  • The structural problem with our current educational offerings
  • How Mike got started in the VFX industry
  • How he moved from doubting himself to trusting in his own capabilities
  • Building up trust in oneself through your passion
  • A process for breaking free from seeking external validation
  • How collaboration and leadership can co-exist
  • Mike’s advice to both young creatives and leaders
  • Where to find Mike


“A lot of the curricula out there are structured which I think supports the teacher but not the learner.” – Mike Lyndon

“I think the thing that is missing is confidence in one’s self to be able to find what they need –  whether that’s people, whether that’s resources – and a part of the reason I think that this has happened is because of how education is structured.” – Mike Lyndon

“I’m self aware enough, I believe, to know what I’m not capable of, or what I’m not comfortable in doing, but trust that I will find whatever I need to resolve that.” – Mike Lyndon

“When you’re truly excited about something, there isn’t as much space for the self-doubt.” – Mike Lyndon

“Whatever you’re trying to do right now – whatever drawing you’re trying to make or character you’re trying to animate or anything that’s creative or anything, really – is exactly what you should be doing right now.” – Mike Lyndon

“If we don’t trust ourselves to bring our own unique perspective and abilities to a problem, then how are we going to trust others to do the same?” – Mike Lyndon

“When it comes to collaboration I think the really good leaders, the really good directors are the ones who trust the people they’re working with. So that they can give their point of view and direction and goal, and trust other people to do the work they were hired to do.” – Mike Lyndon

“Find someone who can support where you’re trying to go, rather than mold you into who they are.” – Mike Lyndon

“You train for years and years to be an artist, and then you’re thrust into the role of a leader, and they are not the same thing. They require different skills; they require different ways of approaching things.” – Mike Lyndon


Show Notes:

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