In Trust podcast EP 24: Interview with Jade Waterman on Making Trusted Decisions

How do you make strategic decisions when the outcome is unknown? How can you build space into an already hectic life? 

These are questions Jade Waterman, a serial entrepreneur, business coach, marketer, and strategic consultant, contemplates so that she can enjoy and leverage the power of quiet and slowing down in the ever-demanding world of business.

Jade helps companies make more money and has a blast doing it. We’re excited to bring you this conversation with her where we dive into how Jade approaches leadership to build in more slack into her life, and how that extra space translates into better outcomes. Jade also offers practical advice about intentional reflection and decision making that is relevant to anyone looking to make a difficult decision in life. 

If you’re looking for guidance to help you tackle uncertainty in your own life, you won’t want to miss this conversation with Jade.

Overview of Episode 24: Making Trusted Decisions with Jade Waterman

Talking Points

  • Jade’s broad range of experiences building businesses, consulting, and coaching
  • The problems that Jade is best at solving
  • The two big categories of emotions and how they affect decision making
  • How Jade’s family background has affected her perspective around trusting oneself
  • How Jade has built the trust in herself that she’s needed to build businesses
  • The importance of being bored
  • The shift Jade made as a leader that created better team outcomes
  • A story that completely shifted Jade’s perspective about what’s important in life
  • Jade’s thoughts on underwater basket weaving and how to make better decisions in life
  • A practical process for parsing career choices


“If you’re doing something for so long you have a lens that you see the world in and if someone can come in and turn the problem upside down or can think about it a little differently, usually that can open and unlock some new insights.” – Jade Waterman

“I think a lot of emotions can be boiled down to either love or fear.” – Jade Waterman

“If we can make decisions that are less fear-based, and more love-based and trusting, life tends to be happier.” –  Jade Waterman

 “It’s in those moments of quiet – that’s when I find that love-centered decision making. When I’m go-go-going, there’s a lot of anxiety and fear and lack of trust in self in those moments.” –  Jade Waterman

“When I shifted into a more relaxed mindset and a more relaxed leadership style, everything that I wanted to happen came to fruition for them and they were happier and I was happier.” –  Jade Waterman

 “People will respond better to love than fear. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” – Jade Waterman

“Have risk, but have it be educated risk.” – Jade Waterman

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