Leveraging the Power of Connection with Kathryn Evans

What would a more connected, supportive world look like?

We dive into the idea of connections, networks, and re-imagining communities with Kathryn Evans, an architect of a more inclusive future and the president of Rooted Strategy, a Kansas City-based consultancy she founded to provide support to organizations that improve the lives of people. 

This conversation with Kathryn covers clarity, resiliency, network ecology, systems change, trauma responses, and of course, trust.

If you’re looking to learn how to create change in the world, this is a must-listen episode of In Trust.

Leveraging the Power of Connection with Kathryn Evans

Show Notes

This episode sponsored by:

The Future Is Trust

Embracing the Era of Trust-Centered Leadership

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future, but one thing we are sure about is that The Future Is Trust. Which also happens to be the title of our Amazon bestselling book: The Future is Trust: Embracing the Era of Trust-Centered Leadership.

This reimagination of what a leadership book can be sheds light on:

  • Why Trust: Why now, what’s changed, and what do we have without trust?
  • What is Trust: The act of trusting–how it inspires belonging, resilience, and collaboration.
  • How to Build Trust: Starting with ourselves, the foundational tools to wire all of our connections for trust. 

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