Showing Up as the Leader You’re Meant To Be with Daniel Bauer

What would you be able to accomplish if you showed up as the leader you were meant to be?

Daniel Bauer, highly sought-after coach and mentor to thousands of school leaders, is on a mission to build better school leaders and help them step into possibility – and his insights and frameworks apply far beyond the classroom,

We were delighted to welcome Daniel back to In Trust to discuss practical leadership insights from his new book, Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader.


In this episode we talk about Daniel ABC framework (Authenticity, Belonging, and Challenge), what makes masterminds special place, why you might as well jump, and much more.

If you’re eager to move into your full potential as a leader, you won’t want to miss this episode of In Trust.

Showing Up as the Leader You’re Meant To Bewith Daniel Bauer

Talking Points

  • Why Daniel keeps showing up and how he helps school leaders think differently about education
  • The importance of challenging the status quo to innovate and make positive change
  • How is latest book, Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader, focuses on changing the landscape of how school leaders experience professional development – and how this is relevant to leaders writ large
  • How everyone wins when a leader gets better.
  • The importance of showing up, serving, and creating value consistently as a leader.
  • The story behind Daniel writing Mastermind
  • What makes a mastermind a special place
  • Daniel’s ABC framework: Authenticity, Belonging, and Challenge
  • What trust is built upon
  • How Daniel’s publisher, Corwin, trust in him and took a risk with his newest book
  • What Daniel has learned from running masterminds
  • Why Daniel reflects on the question, “What is the most generous thing I can do today?”
  • Why Daniel has chosen not to do nothing new for the next while


“Everyone wins when you get better.” – Daniel Bauer

“Taking care of yourself, leveling up your own skill set, and bringing your community along for the ride is a generous and beautiful thing.” – Daniel Bauer

“When you show up, you serve, and you create value and you just keep doing that and you’re consistent, people are watching. You don’t know they’re watching, but they are.” – Daniel Bauer

“Followers love leaders they can trust.” – Daniel Bauer

“Creating that kind of space where people feel safe, they can be their full selves, ask the tough questions, admit where they need help and then get that support and share resources freely – I didn’t realize how abnormal that was. Now I know.” – Daniel Bauer

“One of the questions that I reflect on a lot these days is, ‘what is the most generous thing I can do today?’ And if I get a really good answer to that question, that’s a great way to make a decision and figure out a plan for each day.” – Daniel Bauer

“Whenever you catch yourself saying every, that’s a clue that you might be able to find a potential automated solution to that task.” – Daniel Bauer

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