Navigating Uncertainty

person looking at a map trying to navigate uncertainty
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Leaders need to navigate uncertainty

The future is uncertain.  We are all wondering what the world will look like next week, yet alone next year.  We’re certainly experiencing a massive shakeup that has affected the entire globe.  But when has the future ever been certain?  

Looking back with the gift of hindsight, we never really knew for certain when a market might crash, an industry could collapse, or a natural disaster might strike. However, we enjoy having some sense of certainty because it feels familiar and safe — even though the outcomes of most of our actions are unknown.

We’re always just making bets on what’s going to happen and, especially as a leader, this can be difficult to manage, both for yourself and those you lead.  How are you supposed to show up and lead a team to a goal when you have no idea how you’re going to get there?  

Choosing your posture

Perhaps you’re tasked with figuring out how to pivot your business to survive COVID-19.  Maybe you’re a grocery store owner that needs to figure out how to get food to a remote Alaskan town. Whatever your circumstance, in the face of uncertainty, often there is the instinct to close up – to pull things closer to your chest so you can have a greater feeling of command and control over the circumstances.  

However, there is another posture you can take. One of enrollment, vulnerability, honesty, and care. One built with trust.  

But this expansive posture requires skills, tools, and systems in order to step into and maintain, especially when all the confusion and fear pops up, hijacking your brain towards the fight or flight response.

Build the skills to lead

That’s why Lisa and I are so excited to partner with Thoughtexchange on May 14 to bring you a new, free online workshop: Navigating Uncertainty.  During this live 75-minute session featuring Thoughtexchange’s Chief People Officer Dessalen Wood, we’ll share practical skills, insights and tools needed to create trust at scale, especially in times of uncertainty. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to lead a group of people when you don’t know the answer yourself, this workshop is for you. Seats are limited, and we want to make sure that our trusted mailing list subscribers get first dibs. So please be sure to register if this workshop resonates at all with you.  This workshop is a special partnership with Thoughtexchange, so we can’t guarantee there will be another session.  

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We’re so excited to bring this to you and we hope to see you in the workshop!