In Trust podcast EP 04: Interview with Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd – The Long and the Short of Collaboration

How do you fast-track trust when collaborating?

In this episode, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa sit down with Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd, leaders, coaches, creatives, and co-hosts of The Long and the Short of It podcast. In this episode you’ll learn how the two of them began collaborating, videoconferencing as an equalizer, and advice from Barack Obama.

Overview of EP 04: Interview with Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd - The Long and the Short of Collaboration

Key Points

  • The origin of Jen and Peter’s collaboration, and time zone happy accidents
  • Jen and Peter’s work bringing the skills to those looking to share an idea with the world
  • The role trust plays in collaboration and how it forms – both quickly and over time
  • Videoconference’s great equalizing effect
  • How trusting in others can allow you to show up as yourself
  • Using vulnerability to fast-track building trust
  • Advice from Barack Obama
  • Finding the others and making change happen together


“When you give someone the ability to cultivate more empathy within themselves – for themselves and for others – then they start to see things in the world that deserve some effort to change.” —Jen Waldman

“Trust is something that is developed with consistent, cumulative actions over time.  It’s something that takes a lot of time to earn, and it only takes a fraction of a second to destroy.” —Jen Waldman

“You being vulnerable led to us building trust as opposed to building trust over time so that we could then be vulnerable.  It feels like we led with vulnerability.” —Peter Shepherd

“In order to make a positive impact right now, people have to be willing to think outside the box, to challenge the status quote, and to innovate, and often what that means is being able to risk failure.”  —Jen Waldman

“Find one another.  Find someone else who can help with your change.” —Peter Shepherd


Show Notes


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