In Trust podcast EP 03: Where do you give your attention?

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Attention is really deciding where you focus is. So where do you give your attention? Do you give in to the shiny distractions? If so, what message does that send to others?

Hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa dive into attention, distraction, and practical ways to make sure that distractions aren’t breaking trust.

Overview of EP 03: Where Do You Give Your Attention?

Talking Points

  • The attention crisis is real.
  • Most of us are careless when it comes to attention.
  • Attention doesn’t scale.
  • How considering attention can make for better, less frequent meetings that build trust.
  • Why every leader needs to be intentional with attention.
  • A challenge to help be more thoughtful in someone to invest their attention.


“We seldom think of it, but each interaction we have comes with a cost: our attention AND that of the person we are engaging with.” —Lisa Lambert

“I’d wager that most of us are careless when it comes to attention and we don’t value it as the scarce resource that it is.” —Rick Kitagawa

“We’re often careless with attention — both how we give it and how we ask for it — even though it is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate that we value, care for, and respect others.” —Lisa Lambert

“Meetings are a great example – both in how we give and ask for attention.  How often do we consider if this really needs to be a meeting?  When you have data showing that nearly half the workforce says meetings are the number one time sink, it’s obvious we need to reconsider if meetings really need to happen as frequently as they do.” —Rick Kitagawa

“Bad meetings – which happen a lot – are an expensive waste of attention – both in terms of capital capital and social capital.” —Lisa Lambert

“Since we each get the same amount of attention to spend each day, we need to consider how might we spend it and ask for it in a more constructive way.” —Rick Kitagawa


Show Notes

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