In Trust podcast EP 12: Interview with Danny Bauer on Better Leaders, Better Communities

What does it mean to lead a community, and how do you do that effectively? 

Danny Bauer is the Chief Ruckus Maker over at Better Leaders, Better Schools where he has cultivated a global community of school leaders that helps its members gain clarity so they could more readily tackle their greatest challenges. Danny, the Mastermind of Educational Masterminds, makes Rick laugh more than in any other episode and brings authenticity, compassion, and wisdom to the crucial conversation about finding one’s tribe, moving up into a posture of leadership, and building better communities.

Listen and enjoy this fun, inspiring conversation.

Overview of Episode 12: Better Leaders, Better Communities with Daniel Bauer

Talking Points

  • The ruckus Danny is making in education and the origin story of Better Leaders, Better Schools (BLBS)
  • Danny’s definition of making a ruckus in education
  • The power of asking for help from those you seek to serve
  • Danny’s unshakable trust in himself as well as how others might build that
  • How Danny tackles moving forward on a goal like writing his second book
  • Danny’s declaration of one of his three-year goals
  • Practical ways of building communities
  • Showing compassion and what it looks like to extend it with thoughtfulness
  • The Ripple Effect Mastermind and its principles


“People say to keep professional and keep the personal and emotional stuff out of it, but that’s just not how I’m built or how I’ve ever led and I think that by creating that safe and authentic space with emotion embedded into it people really respond.” —Danny Bauer

“I bet a lot of people running an organization wouldn’t say ‘I don’t know what we’re doing with this,’ and it might be a little bit funny to talk about money, but I just said ‘Hey, what do you think we should do about this?’ and I truly believe people respect that.” —Danny Bauer

“How do you flip the question to ask yourself ‘Well why can’t I do that?’” —Danny Bauer

“Keep getting smaller and smaller with something that inspires you, and try to take action on THAT.” —Danny Bauer

“I have no idea what doors are even closed right now.” —Danny Bauer

“Choose a signal – how you’re going to get it out there, and choose a flag that people can wave and say ‘Yeah, this is what I want to be a part of.’” —Danny Bauer

“Vision’s a filter!  Filter it out, say ‘No!’” —Danny Bauer

“How can we, with this moment we’re given right now, build something of value and that will last for generations and be meaningful even if the initial thought of it or purpose changes?” —Danny Bauer


Show Notes:

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