In Trust podcast EP 13: Interview with Rebecca Kirstein Resch on Building Big Ideas through Trust

How can we break out of the mold if we’re not exposed to any other ways of being?  How do we become the best versions of ourselves and bring big ideas to life?

We’re excited to bring you this episode’s conversation with all-around super connector Rebecca Kirstein Resch – CEO and founder of Inqli.  She’s on a mission to make new ideas and technology work in the service of and for people and is a trailblazer in the social impact space. 

Rebecca is an inspiring, purpose-driven leader, and we’re so happy to bring this conversation to you.

Overview of Episode 13: Building Big Ideas Through Trust with Rebecca Kirstein Resch

Talking Points

  • Who Rebecca is and how her purpose aligns with Inqli
  • Rebecca’s story of finding her calling in the work she does
  • How Rebecca navigated a non-traditional career pursuit and found the trust in herself to do so
  • How and why Rebecca defaults to trust on a regular basis
  • How trust in others and being trustworthy builds persistence and big ideas
  • Rebecca’s advice for those looking to make an impact in the social impact space
  • The future for Rebecca, Inqli, and their partnerships


“We can really create opportunities for everyone to equally have access to becoming who they believe they can be.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“I really had to trust myself and trust my own instincts, and ultimately where I found any success at all was trusting others in that learning journey.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“I always sought out other people. I always sought out other people who had gone before me.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“I just believed people were trustworthy, and operated as such until they gave me a reason not to trust them.”  – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“The trade-off in not trusting people as the default is as far as I’m concerned, a far more painful path.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“Big ideas never, ever happen alone.  You cannot conceive of a big idea and expect that you’ll drive that into existence without the support and help and brilliance of others.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch

“Get really clear on who you are and what lights you up and what you really believe, and find the others.  They’re out there.” – Rebecca Kirstein Resch


Show Notes:

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