In Trust podcast EP 18 – Bringing Forward Trusted Insights for 2021

We’re kicking off the New Year with a special episode of In Trust. In this episode, we’re sharing some clips from our 2020 interviews where our guests offered insights we want to be sure to bring forward with us into 2021.

It was hard for us to choose just one short clip per interview because our guests have been so generous in sharing practical leadership insights that can help propel us forward in this new year. So if any of these clips particularly resonate with you, we invite you to check out the full interviews – all the links are in the Show Notes.

Overview of Episode 18: Bringing Forward Trusted Insights for 2021

Talking Points

  • Ryan Flahive on stepping into the fire to build a culture of trust over the long haul
  • Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd on the importance of finding the others
  • Sean Lee on building and sustaining trust
  • Yunzhe Zhou on building trust in oneself when switching careers
  • Stacy Richards on the real skills needed for great leadership
  • Shannon Weber reflecting on trustworthiness and who and what we trust
  • Kat Vellos on breaches of trust, and the necessity of trust in friendship
  • Scott Perry shares a practical reframing of uncertainty and adversity
  • Danny Bauer on dealing with impostor syndrome and how to move forward
  • Rebecca Kirstein Resch on defaulting to trust to build trust
  • Dr. Robert Zeitlin on the failure of the common-and-control model of management and the opportunity to co-create a more human way forward
  • Mike Lyndon on rethinking validation and looking inward
  • Brian DeSimone on how relationships and crucial to successful enterprises
  • Massimiliano Freddi shares an IKEA metaphor about embracing uncertainty

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Understanding and Addressing Medical Mistrust

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Do you trust the healthcare system to provide YOU with the highest quality of care when you’re in need?

This is a crucial question as medical mistrust is associated with negative health outcomes.

COVID-19 has illuminated the deep inequities in healthcare access and health outcomes by race, gender, socio-economic status, and place. The medical mistrust experienced by many people of color, particularly among Black and Latino/a/x communities, creates enormous barriers.

We explored this topic with panels of experts in late 2020 and will be sharing the recordings on the podcast over the next couple weeks. Whether you work in the healthcare system or rely on it, you’ll want to listen to this powerful two-part conversation where experts explored medical mistrust past, present, and future.

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