In Trust podcast EP 01: Checking in or checking up?

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Are you checking in on people, or are you checking up on people?  

In the first episode of In Trust, hosts Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa of Spotlight Trust dive into the difference between the two, and offer practical ways of connecting with your team.  

Overview of EP 01: Checking In or Checking Up?

Talking Points

  • The difference between checking in vs. checking up, and how confusion with these two phrases can erode trust. 
  • The importance of being clear with our communication in order to build trust.
  • The essential ingredients of a true check-in to show someone you genuinely care about them.
  • A challenge to help practice better, more authentic check-ins.


“Checking up is often about you and your feelings and needs. It’s very me-centric.  Checking in is showing care for the other person and being genuinely curious about their feelings and needs. It’s all about them.”  —LL

“While a potentially well-meaning action, this checking up on people can lead to eroded trust when we’re not clear about our intention.” —LL

“Truly checking in shows that you care about your team member, but so often we put off checking in until we need something else from the person.” —LL

“Especially when you’re specifically trying to build trust and rapport with people, even if you have all of the best intent behind it, if people interpret your actions as inauthentic or manipulative, you’re not going to be building trust.” —LL

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